Here's what our clients have to say...

"Maggie was very friendly and helpful. She was very proactive on handling potential issues."

—Cynthia C.

"[Maggie, Thank you so much for helping my friends Kristen and Rob! Your attention to detail and your client customer service were off the charts!]"

—[Susan S.]

"Communication is excellent!"

—Bruce D.

"Maggie is very attentive and organized. We knew when we met her we would find "our" house, finally!"

—Mike & Kimberly P.

"You won't find a better realtor!...professional, accommodating, great communication."

—Richard & Margaret W.

"Maggie is fantastic, quick and assists you right through the process."

—Dana & Diana R.

"I found Maggie to be warmer, more personable, supportive and always willing to be of assistance if she could. I really appreciate her being in touch as much as she was and keeping me positive when things got tough. I liked that she always returned my texts and phone calls in a timely way and if she was not available Liz was and she was very much on top of what was going on."

—Susan H.

"We were impressed by how much research you did on our house and area. You did so much more research then any other Realtor. And we interviewed five."

—Matt L. & Mia M.

"Maggie will work aggressively to sell your property."

—David D.

"The trust be built 15 1/2 years ago was a huge help this go around. I know you'll always be honest with me, even if its not what I hear. When you guided me away from the house with the dogs near Pittsfield High School last time, you showed me things I wouldn't have considered that could have had bad consequences. I had confidence that, if anything in this deal wouldn't fit the right long term goals for me, that you would have told me.

I highly recommend you and your firm. I think this is especially trust for first time home buyers that need a lot of guidance along the way. Thanks for being my Realtor!"

—Kathy K.

"Maggie is always on top of things and keeps us informed on what is happening at all times. She has sold our house in record time. She is personable and professional. Thanks for being OUR realtor."

—Ursula S.

"Warm, friendly, professional, right to the point..Maggie is the best, why look anywhere else if you need a realtor."

—Richard G.

"I was impressed with your professionalism, sound advice and positive attitude. You will find the right solution/buyer. And, work to make it happen."

—Joanne L.

"Tony & I were lucky to find you right off the bat for our home search! You patiently answered all of our questions and tailored the many showings to our 'top 10' list."

—Tony & Katie P.

"Communication was key for me since I was not local. Maggie & Liz were great from start to finish."

—Richard V.

"Just keep being you and keeping it personal, the best real-estate experience I ever had after purchasing 5 other properites! Your knowledge, honesty and personal care of your clients made the difference."

—Janice O.

"Very informative, communicative and stay right on top of things which will make the customer/client feel very comfortable."

—Jim M.

"We felt you were a straight-shooter, with solid integrity. We knew we could work with you."

—Paula B.

"You will be very pleased by the personal touch you receive. Absolutely top notch communication and value. Maggie is the Best."

—Bruce D.

"I've always thought of Maggie as a very upbeat and super hard worker and would tell anyone that!"

—Dave H.

"We purchased our last vacation home through a Maine Realtor and he really did not take the time to get to know us. I really liked the extra information and personal touch that you gave to help us with our search."

—Tony & Katie P.

"My first impressions were that you were someone I felt comfortable working with. I trusted you, didn't think you'd pressure me and would help me along the way...Everything went great. Liz was commited the whole time from beginning to end."

—Jonathan D.

"Go to Maggie Locke Emerson. She will get you the best possible deal."

—Jon & Pat C.

"Rather than fill out your client survey, let me just say that I enjoy working with you and would never call anyone else."

—Louis P.

"I tell everyone that your knowledge, experience, compassion, contacts and pleasant personality made the process of buying a home a positive experience. 'No Stress'"

—Nancy F.

"Maggie was willing to work with us right from the first day-she was courteous when we were not! We were frusterated after working with another realtor...She has worked much harder to sell our house and have kept us up-to-date with phone calls and notes...Maggie and her staff have been friendly and helpful throughout our relationship."

—Peter & Verna J.

"Very professional, pleasant and enthusiastic...It appears that you have mastered the realty business!"

—Francis & Debra A.

"Locke Associates is a professionally operated office with a great deal of personal service and concern for clients."

—Bob & Diana S.

"Maggie works tirelessly to market through the sale of you home. She stays in touch and is always on your side, she is always available and returns calls and quickly address any issues you have."

—Dana & Diana R.

"You always go above and beyond. Keep us informed."

—Isaias & Maria V.

"Maggie and her staff do a great job- friendly and efficient, successful and interested."

—Ginny P.

"I was impressed with the comparative market analysis that you prepared and how comfortable you made me feel as we chatted together...Talk to Maggie if you really want to sell your house. She did it for me and will do the same for you."

—Patricia C.

"Our first impression was that we had found someone who was going to look out for our interests...The communication between Liz and us was clear, concise and prompt."

—Fran & Joanne B.

"Maggie is professional, quick to resolve issues and stays on top of things."

—Pamela M.

"Maggie is very knowledgeable, very responsive to my needs, very personable, easy to work with. These are important business traits to always stay on top of in my opinion. Communication was fantastic, she kept in touch even though we started our relationship 3,000 miles away! Maggie was referred by my realtor in California, since then we have built a great professional relationship. "

—Jeromy T.

"I was impressed with Maggie from the beginning. She was professional yet down to earth and sincerely cared that I got something I would be happy with.

Liz was great also and certainly an asset to your company."

—Pamela M.

"Easy to work with. Honest."

—Joseph & Ann W.

"Maggie made all the connections-with me, with places to see, etc. She thought of "outside the box" solutions, e.g. possibly renting a house."

—Mary M.