There are common misconceptions about buying or selling in today’s real estate market. This is when have a trusted real estate advisor in your corner is crucial.


Is it better to get pre-approved after you find your dream home? Actually, no. It is important to get pre-approved before you begin your home search. This allows you to get to know your budget and gives you the opportunity to act quickly if you are ready to proceed with making an offer on a home.

Low Offers

In a competitive seller’s market like we are in now, it is best to come in with your highest and best offer from the start. If you make your lowest offer first, you may not get another opportunity.

Pricing High

Its best to price your house right from the start. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. A house that is priced competitively in this market will likely sell much faster and attract multiple offers, some even higher than ask.


You may think that renovating your house will definitely help you net more when you go to sell. In reality, some renovations may be necessary, and others may not be. For more information about renovations, check out our blog, “Should you Renovate before Selling.”

Skipping Home Inspections

In today’s current market, a lot of buyer’s are waiving contingencies in order to have a more competitive advantage over other offers. In reality, you shouldn’t skip home inspections, even “if the house looks good.” A home inspection is to protect you, as the buyer from uncovering problems that might cost you down the line.

All and all, if you are unsure about a piece of the process, reach out to our office today. We can help assist you with any questions or concerns you may have and get you on the right track, whether you are buying or selling a home.


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