Looking to spruce up your front yard? Make your home stand out and increase its value with these simple and cost-effective tips for boosting curb appeal.

Front Door Makeover

Paint the front door a new shade, or just touch it up with a fresh coat.

Other upgrades: A new doorknob, keyless entry, Ring video doorbell.

Deep Cleaning

Use a pressure washer to brighten up your home’s exterior. You can also use a deck brush and cleaning solution to scrub away at dirt. Get rid of any yard debris and cobwebs by sweeping your porch or patio, and wipe down any porch furniture.

Garage Refresh

In addition to refreshing the paint, you may consider purchasing DIY add-ons like magnetic handles from your local home improvement store. Easily craft faux garage door windows by following tutorials on YouTube. These affordable options will make your garage door look like new, with minimal handy work.

Create an Oasis

Design your front yard landscape! Choose planters and yard décor that pop, while still complementing your home. Pick plants native to your region, and have a plan for maintaining them.

For Healthier Flowers: Hang up a hummingbird feeder to create a colorful, more vibrant garden. These birds spread pollen to help your flowers grow more easily.

Light it Up

The right lighting can transforma space. Consider small porch lamps or outdoor string lights that match your home’s style. You may also consider lights to illuminate your driveway or walkway.

Energy Saving Tip: Swap out traditional bulbs in existing fixtures for brighter, longer- lasting LED ones.

Got bigger plans? If you need to call in a pro for your curb appeal projects, our office would be happy to connect you with an excellent contractor or landscaper who can help.

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