When you achieve a healthy balance in the five areas of life, dealing with stress becomes a breeze. Find out what these areas are and how growing stronger in each one can help you unlock your best life.

Spiritual- Actions you take to feed your spirit or pursue your faith.

  • Ways to Build this:
    Set aside time for meditation or quiet reflection.
    Download a meditation or prayer app of your choosing.
    Donate to or serve an organization in need.

Personal- Prioritizing your own well-being so you can better serve others.

  • Ways to Build this:
    Devote a least one hour a week to a hobby you love.
    Eat a nutritious diet and get plenty of rest.
    Schedule time to move- a short walk, morning yoga or a light jog.

Family- The most important people in your life who you want to spend time with.

  • Ways to Build this:
    Share at least one weekly meal with family.
    Arrange a family activity at least twice a month.
    Write an appreciation note to the people closest to you.

Financial- Big financial goals and milestones you want to achieve to establish peace of mind.

  • Ways to Build this:
    Establish a budget and set priorities with bills, personal spending, monthly memberships, etc.
    Set up automatic savings- save 20% of your pay.
    Consider separate savings accounts for big financial goals: taxes, investments and travel.

Business- Your approach to the professional pursuits and endeavors that drive you.

  • Ways to Build this:
    Create a time management plan for your work day. Set strict boundaries between work and family life.
    Consume business training content to improve your skills. Try LinkdenIn Learning, Udemy or YouTube videos.
    Read a motivational business book.

We’re in this together! Give us a call if you want more information on these five areas of life- We’d be happy to share a few strategies that help us strengthen each one.


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