When you are a first-time home buyer, sometimes you must think outside the box, especially with a competitive market like the one we are in today.

If you are having trouble finding your first home, here are a few tips and tricks to consider.

Assess your budget: If you haven’t crunched any numbers lately, you may be underestimating what you can afford. Working with a local lender can help you get your finances in order and assess what you will be able to borrow.

Consider a Condo or Duplex: Condos can make great starter homes. Duplexes can help the property pay for itself if you happen to owner occupy one unit and rent out to the other. Both opens can help you build equity to fuel a move up when you’re ready.

Expand or narrow down your search radius: Widening or in some cases, narrowing in on your search radius to include nearby neighborhoods or communities can help you find a hidden gem.

Weigh your Wants & Needs: If you haven’t found “the one,” take another peek at your wants and needs lists to determine whether a specific feature is a necessity or just something that would be “nice to have.” This will help you narrow in on essentials in your future home.

If you are having difficulty, it’s always a great idea to work with your trusted real estate advisor. We can help you assess your budget, expand, or narrow in on your search radius, investigate other options and help determine your true needs. Call or email our office today, we have a team of highly qualified agents that would love to help!


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