When it comes to pricing Real Estate, it's essential to have an agents input. The only way to ensure that you price your home appropriately is to lean into your trusted real estate advisor.

It may see simple to price a home, but there are a lot of factors to consider:

  • The value of homes in your area (ideally comparable properties)
  • The condition of your house
  • Where prices are headed
  • Current buyer demand

These factors help to ensure you aren't over or underpricing your home. Underpricing your home could leave buyers assuming something's wrong, potentially leave money on the table and decrease your future buying power. Overpricing presents a high price tag that may deter potential buyers. It is likely to sit longer on the market, which could potentially lead to a hefty price reduction. A home priced at market value is more likely to get an offer (or multiple) at or above list price. The fair price also allows for increased interest and is likely to sell a lot faster than an under or over priced home.

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