Upgrade your home the smart way! Check ou these top home technology trends to get started.

Kitchen Applicances-  Managing your kitchen has never been easier. Smart appliances to consider include WiFi-enabled slow cookers, voice-controlled microwaves or refrigerators with tablet screens and interior cameras.

Decorative Televisions-  Who says technology can't be aesthetically pleasing? Known as frames TVs, these decorative television sets display beautiful artwork when not in use.

Pet Products- With pet ownership on the rise, gadgets for pets are increasing. From treat-tossing cameras and automatic dog doors to smart crates and litter boxes, the high-tech pet products are endless.

Cutting-Edge Cleaning-  Make cleaning a breeze with gadgets like smart toliet bowl cleaners, robot mops and robot window cleaners.

Intergrate your home with a smart hub. A hub unifies all your devices and appliances under one system, so you don't have to rely on multiple apps.

Curious on How to Keep Your Smart Home Secure?

Do Your Research-  Review the privacy settings of each device to get a better understanding of the data to which the provider has access.

Use a Separate Network-  Having a separate network for your smart devices to run on will provide better security and a more stable connection. This can be done without having to purchase another router by setting up a guest network.

Stay on Top of Device Updates-  Software updates often include improved security features, so keep your products up to date for better safety.

Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)-  When using public WiFi to assess or control your smart devices, use a VPN service/app to establish a secure, encrypted connection.

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